How They Met

“One night following a girls dinner, my friend Amanda coaxed me to join her for a drink at a nearby friend's apartment...

On the elevator ride up to apartment 1319, she turns and says 'Oh so this is Rob’s apartment! Can’t wait for you guys to finally meet!' After minutes of silence and the ultimate death stare I said, 'Well at least give me some damn lip gloss!!!!!!' Rob said two words to me the entire night, but little did we know it was the beginning of our forever. On our first date we realized we were basically living parallel lives since we were born. Our mothers grew up in Westchester less than two miles down the road from each other, Rob and I were born at the same hospital in Port Chester NY, my high school friends were his UCONN college frat buddies and our Italian grandmothers were at the helm of it all. The list could go on... "

Photos by: Lizzie Burger Photography


"Rob had been pulling pranks on me about getting engaged for months...

...He even went so far as to wrap a little box in the shape of a ring box last Christmas with coal inside (him and my dad were the only ones laughing)."

When the pair took a quick trip to Georgia in September to visit his parents at their new home, the last thing Mallory was expecting was a ring. Being a golf fanatic, it was fitting that Rob completely shocked her on the 18th green of the Great Waters Course at the Ritz Carlton Lake Oconee with a golf ball that read: Will You Marry Me?  

As a travel agent (check out Mallory's honeymoon advice in our AAE library), she and Rob love exploring new places and eating their way through a new destination. Most importantly, they are looking forward to taking the next step in their journey together and building a family. After 5 years and 8 months of dating, Mallory and Rob are set to be married on September 24, 2021.

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