How Did They Meet? Tell Us About the Proposal...

Anita & Charles caught each other's attention playing on their company's rec basketball team. As Anita puts it, "it was love at first sight."

"Since we spent much of the first chapter of our "dating lives" in and around Soho, he always knew he wanted to propose in that neighborhood. He had me fooled the entire planning process, telling me that we were going to a friend's private birthday party at a Soho loft with outdoor space... When we arrived at the location that was said to be the "private party", I was mindlessly looking around waiting to see someone famous, as we waited for a "friend to come down and let us in". When he said "Babe, look over here!" I thought there was someone famous for REAL!!! I looked right over him, and he had to say, NO... Look down here! He was on one knee and we were both silent for a good 5 seconds in complete SHOCK!"

photos by: Sean Q. Munro


When She Knew He Was the One

"I remember the exact moment. I knew I was in love and that he was the one. We were sitting at my kitchen island in my first apartment...

[he was] rambling on about his love for Pharrell's artistry, his impact on fashion and music and how that inspired him. Charles sharing his passions for life and how he finds inspiration from different places showed me his love for life itself and I am absolutely blessed having that energy in my partner. It was one of those moments where I definitely stopped listening, but was smiling inside to have found someone so full life and energy." With their site's set on a summer 2023 wedding, Anita and Charles plan on savoring every moment of their engagement and the wedding planning process. His Puerto Rican and her Guyanese cultures will be incorporated into their special day as they are surrounded by family and friends.

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