Artistic Fate

“He invited me out to drinks with the band after rehearsal and that's how Aaron and I first met.”

While both working at the Kirk Douglas Theatre in Los Angeles, Ashley and Aaron crossed paths. After being introduced in the green room on a 15 minute break, they were hooked. That night, the pair went out to a bar and ended up talking for hours, despite the fact that Ashley forgot her ID and couldn't order a drink. After several years together and cross-country moves, the couple is engaged to married in 2021 in an outdoor wedding in Brooklyn, NY. Currently they reside in Georgia where they bought their first home together in 2020!

Photos by: Christine Quarté Photography


The Proposal

Ashley and her mom were getting ready to go to brunch when her mom wouldn’t stop asking her how she was going to do her hair!

Aaron called and asked Ashley to bring her mom post brunch to the promenade to hear their friends play music. After they couldn’t find a parking spot at the promenade, Ashley told her mom that they could go home and come back another time, resulting in Ashley’s mom becoming immediately determined to find one. When they finally parked and walked in, Ashley noticed Aaron standing next to their friends who were playing in a quartet and slowly started to notice all of their friends peeping out from behind the greenery- childhood pals from Connecticut, her god-brother, former cast members- She was in awe! She yelled, “Yes!” and celebrations went into full swing.

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