How They Met

It's a Family Affair

Cousins, best friends, and bloggers, Courtney and Kelly, have been fashionably roaming and dominating the New York City and D.C. social entrepreneur scene for years. These partners in crime have been a friendly face at real life shows, an effervescent spirit on social media, and turns out, at least in Kelly's case, a magnificent matchmaker. Five and a half years ago, Kelly introduced Courtney to her friend Kyle. And after hitting it off at a bar in Williamsburg, the couple made their relationship official on New Years Eve 2015.

The Proposal

"If your relationship can get through the pandemic, it can get through anything"- Courtney

Kyle proposed to Courtney on a snowy night in December 2020 on the rooftop of the William Vale hotel. Kelly, Courtney's MOH, arranged a fake work photoshoot with all of the fixins'- real client contracts, a product line, photographers, and even a new sparkly outfit for Courtney. When the bride to be arrived to shoot social content, she saw Kyle in a suit, her best friends hiding on the roof, and the beautiful New York City skyline in the background.  Kyle dropped to one knee, and the rest is history. This  magical moment came after moving in together in August of 2020 and quarantining together in their city apartment. As Courtney says, "It just feels easy being together."  Currently, the pair our planning their Cincinnati wedding for fall 2022. Details, podcasts, and photos to come... 

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