The Proposal...

Any early Christmas present that turned into a forever gift

In December of 2018 , Nick told Elise that that he had an early holiday treat for her that involved seeing Mean Girls the musical with friends. The week before all of this, one of those friends took Elise to get her nails done (which obviously peaked suspicion) and Nick secretly called Elise's boss to get her bartending shift covered. The ruse of seeing a show was the perfect decoy as Nick casually guided them to the site of their first date, the Williamsburg pier, and popped the question! Photographers jumped out of the bushes as their family and friends waited at a nearby restaurant to celebrate. Cut to 2021: after seven years of dating, two and a half years of engagement, and one pandemic minimony, the pair's dream day finally came true.

All the Tiny Details...

Elise's dream wedding came to life because of the meticulous attention she put into making it fabulously unique.

Her wedding planning journey began by designing a custom Rebecca Shonoveld gown that incorporated her love of tulle, whimsy, elegance, and pink. Elise then used the extra fabric from her dress to embellish her wedding shoes through Brooklyn bridal accessories designer Hushed Commotion and wrap thank you presents for her family. To up the fun factor for the big day, Elise took ballroom dancing classes with her dad (and Nick) beforehand, and to ensure nice weather (to the best of her ability) Elise carried out a classic Southern tradition called "Burying the Bourbon." After two postponements, and 2.5 years of waiting, Elise and Nick tied the know in stunning fashion in front of all of their family and friends.

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