Wetzel Wedding Weekend

After what can only be described as a serendipitous and beloved courtship, Kaela and Adam tied the knot in a uniquely fitting and charmingly gorgeous camp-out lovefest! For three days, their nearest and dearest celebrated - wine in one hand and cornhole pouch in the other- laughing, crying, singing, and focusing on what is most important: being with each other.

With Adam’s family home transformed into a bocce slinging, sun-bathing, campfire raging, playground, the two married in epic style. The Vermont Mountains acted as the perfect backdrop for elegance dashed with debauchery and romance met with encouragement for the future. 

Photos by: Jenna Brisson Photography


The Festivities

The bride, an ethereal old soul, wore two rings: hers and her grandmother’s. Framed by mom and dad, Kaela glided down the aisle to be met by her teary-eyed prince charming. They exchanged personalized vows in a ceremony filled with family speeches and officiated by Adam’s older brother. Ollie, their pup, was even among the first to congratulate them, sealing the deal on a perfectly Wetzel wedding ceremony.

Before riding off into the future on their cherry red ATV decorated with ropes of spiked seltzer cans and an appropo “Just Married” sign, Kaela and Adam toasted with their zoom guests and treated their wedding party to a beautifully catered dinner. The tabel-scape, adorned with fresh flowers, Camp Wetzel koozies, and polaroids from the weekend, set the stage for a night of planned and spontaneous family performances and champagne buckets full of happy tears. 

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