How They Met

Hometown honeys, Kelli and Mark met as children when paired together during a community theater production of West Side Story!

"During rehearsal, Mark dropped me during a difficult move and the moment ignited a deep, playful friendship that would last another 15 years. We stayed close during college (Mark frequently traveled to NY from Michigan) before eventually becoming adults and calling New York City home...  As we  both navigated through career changes, Mark and I frequently would have dinners or drinks to be a source of support to each other. It was during this time that the friendship shifted, to become a recognition of similar core values and a shared dream for a future. There is a little more spice to the story where things REALLY shifted but I’ll leave that to another time ;-)"- Kelli 

Photos by: Alison Moore Photography


The Proposal

Kelli's sister planned a sunflower patch family photoshoot for her kids, and when it came time to take a few couples photos...

"The photographer said something that I couldn't quite hear and I saw Mark getting down on the blanket, so I thought I was supposed to as well. I was also distracted because everyone was getting out of their cars and I was concerned that they would mess up their makeup unnecessarily in the heat! Anyhow, I tried to get down on the blanket and Mark was like, "You have to stand!" and that is when it hit me. He was on one knee!" "I have always dreamed of a New Years Eve wedding and I love the idea of a “new year” as a marker of time; a roundup of moments that turn into memories and a celebration of the collective spirit. You can expect lots of sparkles, champagne, great music and a nod to how we met." 

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