Your Inner Breath

by Jacq Gould

Mentality Coach Jacq Gould guides you through five minutes of connected breath work, mental awakening, relaxation, and self-connection.

Your Inner Babe


After battling eating disorders throughout her adolescence, Jacq was finally connected to some amazing clinical professionals. But even after what felt like hundreds of therapy sessions, she continued to feel alone. What she needed was a confidant, a close supporter, someone who would hold her accountable to herself and encourage her bravery every single day. Jacq started YOUR INNER BABE™ to help women like YOU who are ready to own their inner struggles and turn the whole damn thing around. Jacq prides herself on being able to transform people’s mindsets around self-worth and self-acceptance. YOUR INNER BABE™ offers group coaching programs, 1:1 support and spiritual healing. Find Jacq at www.yourinnerbabe.com / Instagram: @jacqgould

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