Shake It Off

by Van Der Velde

Designer Matthew Christopher relays his biggest tip on deciding between two dresses when wedding dress shopping.

Give Yourself A Break

When working one on one, Matthew makes his brides feel at easy, taken care of, and most importantly, confident they are making the right decision.

The dress shopping process can be many things: exciting, magical, once in a lifetime, often rigorous and sometimes overwhelming. It's not uncommon become confused or unsure when you are trying on multiple dress options for your big day. In those moments of uncertainty, Van der Velde designer and wedding professional Matthew Christopher wants brides to do one thing: shake it off. This dress is meant to invoke a feeling unparalleled by any other garment you've ever worn. If your stressors are blocking the euphoria, give yourself a minute to recalibrate and let the experts do the work. Stylists can weigh in, streamline the process, and help you narrow in on what is the best option. You deserve this moment. Enjoy every second you can.

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