15 Minute Guided Meditation

by Faye Rex

Senses on, stress off.

A Gentle Touch

Faye is a Kapha, gentle, steady, and loyal, so it’s no wonder she took to the patient practice of Yoga.

To her, Yoga mollifies the present moment, which is never held static but articulated through subtle body movement and intellectual agility. Faye’s inherent grasp of human connection and compassion, mixed with her knowledge of the subtle body and nervous system, make her practice tender, dynamic, and powerful. Faye received her 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Certifications from both Greenhouse Holistic and Sky Ting Yoga, and has trained with Paul Grilley for Yin, Alex Sharry and Abbie Galvin for Katonah Yoga, Abby Paloma for Restorative, and Ally Bogard for Meditation. Instagram: @fayemousrex

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