Weighted Upper Back Burner

by Tatiana Lampa

Coach T take you through a classic free weight inspired arm and upper back strengthening sequence.

Corrective Movement Specialist

Tatiana is a NYC based trainer and is taking over the online space with her signature program - MOVE BETTER.

Tatiana is the founder of the TRAINING WITH T APP so she can continue to help you reach your goals from afar. From dancing and cheering to playing volleyball, Tatiana has been physically active her entire life. She is extremely passionate in spreading the importance of exercise, healthy choices and moving better. "Movement is medicine" is a motto she often says to her clients. Tatiana has been a coach since she was 17 years old and couldn't imagine her life any other way. Her goal is to get you from pain and discomfort to strong and aligned through her corrective exercise approach. Instagram: @training_with_t

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